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20 July
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내리. Nerie. Nerissa. jangneri. Filipina. July 1986 baby. OB1. purple dudette. baby#4. Ling's Sheng. loyal friend. dudette for life. pink and purple. blog addict. photoshopper. crazy for bishies. linked to gays.chocolate and strawberry lover.

A princess. Part of the wangja family. Has Wannie Pooh for a prince-y husband. has Andrea and Laurie as the sweet kiddos. adopted Lio and Hwi Chan. Has another Wannie for a puppy. Family of multi-entertainers, mostly has acting as forte. Has Eric as our brother king and Meg unnie as our sister queen. Has Angel for a bestfriend/bully writer. Has Rhanie for a popstar bestfriend/bully. Gabber as my sometimes-possessed Wannie friend whose name I put in vain. Kate will be forever tagged as the friend who stole 'the hottest guy in the whole world'.  


Can talk about Shinhwa 24/7. Is proud to wave orange balloons. Eric, Minwoo, Dongwan, Hyesung, Junjin and Andy are love and forever will be. Thinks Rainie Yang is the cutest girl in the world. Mourns at the loss of Xu Wei Lun. Will kill to have a voice as wonderful as Fanfan. Thinks Clazziquai is the greatest new invention of pig ever made. Thankful to Fly to the Sky's 'Missing You'. Hopes that Battle really will be the next Shinhwa. 2AM's Friend's Confession made me cry the first time I heard it live. 2PM makes me happy Again and Again. Oneday, I will see all 11 members together. Big Bang's 'Lies' is the ultimate B to the I to the G, B to the A.N.G. fan converter. Doesn't want to learn Wonder Girl's 'Tell Me' dance but thinks they are 'So Hot'. In awe of DBSK's talent. Younha is the most talented girl ever. BoA is Minwoo's child. Lyn's voice is a comfort. Thinks Kim Jung Hwa is the most beautiful Korean model/actress ever. Is now good friends with Lee Hyori. Wants to live in Goong and own Chae Gyung's wardrobe. Wants to study at Shinhwa University and be BFFs with Jandi and Gaeul and will choose Boys Over Flowers anytime. Believes in SoEulmates. I'm a fan ofA.N.Jell. Go Mi Nam, You're Beautiful. Wants Hwang Tae Kyung to make me a Pig-Rabbit. Shin Woo is an endearing Towel guy and would want to ride the magic bus with Jeremy.Sailor Moon and Kaitou St. Tail are childhood sweetness. Ouran High School Club is as awesome as Fruits Basket. Arashi pawns skinny jeans. Coz Ikuta Toma said, "homo ja nai!" F4 is not of the past.

Westlife was my childhood fandom.Anne Shirley is my book character idol and Gilbert Blythe is my ideal man. I grew up loving Mariah Carey's ballads. Paramore brings out the American pop-rock lover in me. Harry Potter is the 'boy who lived' and is meant for Ginny Weasley as much as her brother Ron Weasley is meant for Hermione Granger.

"We are perfect because we are human who makes mistakes." - jn



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