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06 April 2016 @ 04:00 pm
because Shinhwa is my HERO  

I didn't know what compelled us to book another March trip to see Shinhwa other than an intense desire to see them again after watching WE concert. Meg and I knew we couldn't go to the encore concert, nor did we like the idea of a hot trip to Korea during August. The closest we could see them together would be March 2016 and on the next seat sale, a few months after WE concert, we booked a flight.

We stayed in Korea for 2 weeks and for our last weekend, we watched Shinhwa's HERO concert. It was a concert celebrating their 18th anniversary, for they debuted March 24th of 1998. Since they didn't release an album, we had a feeling they would sing a lot of old songs - which made me happy! It was something I was jealous of people who watched WE encore concert. I got to watch them sing a lot of old songs! I think the biggest surprise for me was them singing Endless Love as their opening song. I like that they can still surprise us with their setlist, given the numerous amount of songs they had recorded in their 18 years together.

I was so happy they performed Crazy, they don't perform it as much as Angel. That was a great surprise. The song I really, seriously, wanted to hear was How Do I Say and I got my wish. I couldn't have 2gether 4ever (seriously, WE encore concert watchers were so lucky) but listening to How Do I Say and Stories That We Haven't Told had me over the moon.

You think their voices would have deteriorated as they grew older but that isn't the case. I had high praises on their concert last year, and it's no different this time around. Even better, actually. I made a post on my facebook not long after the concert about how sad I would be not to see them for their encore. The biggest reason for that is because nothing, absolutely nothing, could be better than hearing them live. Not a fancam, DVD, audio disc could do justice. I told Meg unnie during the concert, "I feel like they're hugging me with their voices." Especially during their ballads. I felt it deep within my soul.

Not everyone understands a trip that revolves more around a concert than anything else, I get it. But you see, I'm a very homey person, I enjoy the comfort of my own home more than anywhere else. I travel the world through books and dramas. So having a passion for something, or someone in my case, that can drive me out the door is not something to be taken for granted. Thank you for a beautiful 18 years of togetherness. Thank you that for the past 12 years of happiness. Cheers to more years together!
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Current Music: Breathin' by Shinhwa
젤민: jelmin ♥xiao_tian_jelly on April 6th, 2016 08:50 am (UTC)
Not everyone understands a trip that revolves more around a concert than anything else, I get it.

THIS! money well-spent, every single time! 😎😎😎