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Nerissa ♥
31 October 2010 @ 12:00 am

Once a Shinhwachangjo, always a Shinhwachangjo.

Time flies, they say. It’s true when you think of things that are insignificant. But when you’re waiting for something, some day, someone – it’s excruciating.

Eric oppa, I’m so happy that you’re back!

You know why it’s so fun and awesome to be a Shinhwachangjo? Because Shinhwa never fails to deliver, never fails to break a promise. As a SHCJ, I feel secured. It’s just all... chillax. Unless of course, some idiot riles us up with some stupid remark about our boys. There are two things SHCJ hates the most: ignorant disrespectful fans and fanclubs trying to use orange. ;P

ERIC MUN JUNG HYUK – rapping actor, 4D CF king, song maker, TOP entertainment CEO, flawless Shinhwa leader, that every girl and their mother love - IS BACK, EVERYTHING ELSE IS IRRELEVANT!

"To me, that goal of becoming a leading figure is a promise from me to you."
- Eric

P.S. new tag! I will wait for you is not appropriate anymore. ;P
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Time Machine - 신화