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Nerissa ♥



Although this is late, I truly wish you a Happy Birthday. Please forgive this son, who is writing this letter now. It feels like 2005 passed faster than any other year. It even makes me confused. How was it for you, Mom?

Memories of letters I wrote in elementary, middle school on Parents' Day are suddenly surfacing. Because I was in my immature phase, I stupidly didn't think the love you and Dad gave me was anything special. I think I understand your hearts better nowadays. I'm sorry for not being able to get a good report card once when I entered high school. But I hope you understand my heart as well. Mom - who always worked hard and prayed for noona and me! I'll become a son that you won't be embarrassed but proud of from now on. Noona and I will live our lives reaching for our respective dreams no matter what.

There was something I really wanted to say, but I'm sorry I couldn't tell it to you directly. I'm truly thankful, thank you. And I'm sorry for not being able to return your love. But from now on, I'll return that love with my deep love.

Lastly, the words I've always kept in my heart - Mom, I love you. I'll become a great son.


Even his Thank You message on their albums were sincere and polite.
After reading this, I wonder about the kind of letters he gave to his father, to soothe his anger and disappointment for pursuing a dream his father was against of.

I'm not in to wishful thinking when it comes to my favorite artists (okay, maybe except Dongwan) but I wish, I could be his friend. I thought Taec was the kind of guy I like and are friends with, but I realized Wooyoung fits the description more. He doesn't look like it, but Jang Wooyoung is really a hopeless romantic and likes old-fashioned show of love, like writing letters. And I find that extremely adorable.

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