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To do a little update on my Korea trip happening 14 days from now.
Lodging reserved, half of my clothes rolled and packed on my trusty yellow luggage I like to call Ted Mosby.
Here comes to frustrating part. Shinhwa concert tickets. It's not as bad as last year actually. But we didn't secure VIP seats despite the fanclub membership perks of being able to book a ticket ahead of the official selling date.

Fanclub membership? Yeah, that's right. Shinhwa finally opened fanclub registration to overseas fans last month and of course I signed up. Of course. Official Shinhwa Changjo batch 11 here!

Meg, Angel, and I are still trying to book seats as close to the stage as possible. We have acquired quite an amount of cancellation fees, hah. But it's okay. It's Shinhwa. ;)
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31 January 2016 @ 03:23 pm
"Make a wish!" he exclaimed. "There they are - shooting stars."
I laughed. "Silly. Those are fireflies."
"Damn it, Nan. Obviously. Use your damn imagination. Go make a wish. Or wishes. There's a lot of those fuckers out there."
I laughed again. "Damn it, Lyle. Watch your language."
"Damn it. Just make a fuckin' wish."
I looked at Lyle, who looked too serious for such a silly thing. It made me worry, but I knew he wouldn't talk about it. So at that moment, I did what he asked. I looked at the fireflies, dancing a few feet away from us, closed my eyes, and made a wish. A few minutes had passed when I opened my eyes and looked at him. "It's your turn," I softly said.
He continued to look at the fireflies, with their ethereal glow. "I have you. Wishing for more is just greedy."

(very short story I wrote last year on an old receipt during a short blackout)
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I think my eternal love for Anne Shirley is no secret. From Anne of Green Gablesto her daughter Rilla of Ingleside, I read them more times than the combined number of other books I had read. My parents, who take general cleaning very seriously, had once thrown away all the books of my tween years. I managed to save the series from the plastic bags of teenage dreams and memories - there were a lot of them in our house, I'm one of six siblings. I couldn't save my old Shinhwa collection but that was easier to gather back. My Anne Shirley series paperback edition wasn't! The amount of tears when I found out it was thrown away and the amount of tears when I managed to save it will make dramatic Anne Shirley proud. They were all that I managed to save. I was okay with that.

I'd been reading the series again lately. On a whim, I tried looking for the anime version of Anne of Green Gables on YouTube. The anime was actually the reason I bought the book, then eventually the whole series. I saw an interesting web series instead - Green Gables Fables.

The season one was a modern adaptation to Anne of Green Gables, where Anne was video blogging the chronicles in her life. The second season (currently airing) is based on Anne of The Island. It was adorable. The actors playing Gilbert and Anne were impressive. I was very happy to have found this. There was this particular Q&A video on the actors that I liked so much. It was where Tanner (who played Gilbert) was talking about his character. He said,

"There's a line in the third book where she (Anne) is like trying to get him away from the subject of telling her how he feels and there's this one line, "And Gilbert was not to be sidetracked."And (he) just goes into it and I think that's just the perfect explanation of their relationship."

It was stunning how he managed to sum up Gilbert Blythe in a way I couldn't. AND A LINE FROM THE BOOK NO LESS. It was so true. SO TRUE. Gilbert has been incredibly understanding, patient and proud of everything Anne had accomplished even before they became friends. It was also a beautiful glimpse of Tanner, on how invested he was to learn and be his character.

I leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Anne,

"When you are imagining, you might as well imagine something worthwhile."

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20 January 2016 @ 07:16 pm

What an incredibly busy January. With a possible March concert for Shinhwa, I had processed my Korean visa again. Meg unnie picked it up for me yesterday and I got a single entry again this year.

I still had a lot of personal fees to pay and register, and this was making me nervous.

On the really bright side, the day I got my visa was also the day of ONE OK ROCK's concert! This was the first concert I attended by myself, to my mother's complete shock. The ticket selling started last September and I was really thinking hard whether to go or not. Besides being alone, the venue was really far out where I live and didn't want to be stuck alone. But the knowledge of not seeing them was far more depressing than the long travel and being alone. I also thought about how alone did not equate to being lonely. So I bought my ticket.

And I was so glad I did. I saw high school friends on the venue and met this wonderful woman named Gigi. She was by herself too and we bonded over that fact, ONE OK ROCK, and the ridiculous queuing.  (Seriously, Pulp had been promoting a lot of concerts with standing VIPs and still had not managed to learn from their previous disasters.)

The concert itself was great! I was so impressed with Taka's voice considering how tight their tour had been. One of the shortest concerts I had been on (one hour 40 minutes), but then again they didn't pause much per set. No long introduction or talks. During an interlude on the concert, Taka said something that resonated with me. How the world was not at peace right now but still they continued making music. Find something that makes you happy.

Hopefully that would make others happy.

One artist crossed from my list of concerts I wanted to go on! Come back again, ONE OK ROCK! ♡

P.S. I'm uploading a few videos I took here.
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29 May 2015 @ 08:05 pm
*싢복절 Shinhwa Independence Day

Today marks a milestone for Shinhwa. After a long long battle of what should have been theirs in the first place, Shinhwa finally owns their name.

It's pretty ridiculous right? Not owning your own name. But such was their case. What a long, stressful, time wasting, financial burden it was. But there is success in perseverance. Congratulations, Shinhwa oppadeul.

SHINHWA FOREVER. We always chant it, but now. OMG, now it's official. SHINHWA FOREVER, YOU GUYS.

Six surprisingly different men met through the name of ‘Shinhwa’ and have been together for 17 years. In the world, there are many things that seem like fate when you call it a coincidence, and many things that are inexplainable except to call them luck. - Kim Dong Wan

*source malpabo
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15 May 2015 @ 09:47 pm

One of my fandom related resolutions this year was to finally finish watching Discovery of Romance.

I'm so glad I did because I now finally have a new favorite Eric drama. I also now totally understand why people either hate it or love it. It seems a little too close for comfort for most viewers. If you're a person dealing with emotional or relationship issues, this is not the drama that will take you away from reality. It's quite the opposite.

Discovery of Romance. The title is the whole theme of this drama. It tells a story of six, no ten, ten individuals dealing with life, work and relationships differently. It mainly focuses on Han Yeo Reum, Kang Tae Ha and Nam Ha Jin - discovering how complicated romance can be and how their present and future are shaped by their past. Also, shaped by their personalities.

I know Jung Yumi recommended Eric for the role, but the production always said he was on the list for the lead. I wonder if they had seen Que Sera Seraand made the choice. The biggest reason why this drama works for me is because I can see Tae Ha and Yeo Reum's chemistry. When you see Yeo Reum and Ha Jin, you'd think adorable. And then you see Yeo Reum with Kang Tae Ha, it's off the charts sizzling. This drama is based on a simple story of a woman in a relationship with a solid guy when she suddenly crosses path with her ex . For us viewers to believe there's anyone else more worthy than her current beloved, it takes a spark. And Eric with Jung Yumi definitely has it. The way Tae Ha gazes at Yeo Reum with so much love is enough to melt even the hardest heart.

There's been quite a debate on these three characters' personalities and there are a lot of divided comments as to who they hate or sympathize. I love reading different opinions about the characters and this drama because it goes to show how different the leads are, Yeo Reum in particular, if we based it on other Korean dramas. It shows so much how complex and fickle a person is in reality, and how much we can change with time. There's barely "noble idiots" in the world as much as there is on dramas and DOR's characters' personalities reminds us how we are at one point in our life, or someone else we know. Or someone we'd rather not know.

I love how this drama depicts a real human being's maturity. Most of us don't change because of accidents, evil villains, mysterious phenomenon. We change through our own decisions. Tae Ha and Yeo Reum's breakup happened because of the decisions they made while they were in a relationship. Yeo Reum and Ha Jin's relationship happened and ended because of their decisions. And also, I love that this drama stresses self-acceptance. That's very important.

The little things that I love about the drama are the following:
- I love that Tae Ha talks to Yeo Reum the way he talks to everyone else. Curt. Haha. Ha Jin, on the other hand, makes me angry every time he talks down to Yeo Reum like she's a kid. And the tone of his voice when he orders her to do something. That's a big no no to me. Treat your partner like your equal! That goes without saying, damn it.
- How Yeo Reum's and Tae Ha's clothes always seem so color coordinated. It's like their color preference became similar after 5 years of dating.
- there's not a single moment where Sol and Ha Jin had a personal talk. While Sol and Tae Ha not only had personal talks but also piggyback rides!
- "Do you smell something burning?" will never not be funny to me.
- I love the silent moments. I love the scenes where the characters barely speak but you can feel either the love, the fear, the sorrow, or the pain. The scene between Tae Ha and Yeo Reum sitting side by side but apart after she talked about her father's death felt sad but also cathartic. So beautiful. But I love the silent scene on the bench at Deoksugung the most. (picture above) Eric and Jung Yumi delivered so well.
- the ending is, so far, my favorite ending in a drama. It's so satisfying to watch Tae Ha and Yeo Reum reconcile the same way they fell in love. Sweet, fast, and with a dose of bicker.

And that line captioned above is everything - because being in a relationship should always feel like that.

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I made this really lengthy Shinhwa WE concert recap that is very... fangirly. After all, being a fan for ten years and going to Korea to watch my first concert, is something I want written. I'm not posting it yet. I may post it sometime in the future, but there are a couple of things I want to stress out. Things that I have been anticipating the most for Shinhwa's concert and wasn't disappointed when I was finally part of it. I don't want these comments to drown in the crazy, incoherent, and amusingly (?) creepy post I've previously written.

Let me start with their voices. That's the most important. You guys, happy fan here. They were good. No, they were incredible. They have sang a lot of ballads on this concert and it was pretty much a slice of heaven. We got good seats for both days but the second day, holy shit the second day, we had perfect seats audio-wise. It was bliss for every high note, every linger on the last note, every stress on rap.

Their band. I've always been proud of Shinhwa's band. They are so in sync with Shinhwa, it's so impressive. Their band singers are amazing as well. The person playing the saxophone deserves a special mention from me because that person was so good. I'm also really happy Shinhwa made it a point to show their band more on the second day, because I only noticed them at the last half of Once In A Lifetime on the first day. Shinhwa wouldn't be perfect if not for their band. And also,

Their dancers. Standby has been with them since I became a fan, so they also have a special place in my heart especially  Ahn Hyun Suk who, with Minwoo, did a lot of their dance pre The Return days. Also Park Yong Gyu, who has been dancing in place of a Shinhwa member when they were hurt and couldn't dance. (side note, after the 1st night of concert, Meg and I went to the exit to wait for Shinhwa members to come out and he and another dancer passed by us on his way to their car. I was totally shocked because I didn't expect to see him up close. I couldn't even say hello. I wasn't even able to tell Meg he passed by until he was gone from our view.) Standby has a lot of younger members now, but there still are many of their old members. And another impressive thing to note, there are a few dancers older than Shinhwa.

Concert theme and VCR. I love the whole "straight lines" theme going. I'm thinking maybe they plan to have a 3D version out because it's definitely going to be an impressive thing to watch if it happens. The VCRs are hilarious. It was very low budget but very high on hilarity. The whole swap roles is brilliant! Also, focusing on Andy as the cameraman and as the producer is a great way to remind us why we love him and how much the scandal hasn't lessen him as a human being, or as an idol, or as a co-Shinhwa member.

Lastly, Mannequin. Oh wow. Wow wow wow. It is part of the opening performances and omo omo omo! I wasn't expecting the dance! I have not watched the fancams of Mannequin when they performed it before so I wasn't prepared for such dance. Shin Hye Sung is pretty much the highlight of this performance for me. Not even Kim Dong Wan and his female dance partner could take off the shock of seeing Shin Hye Sung totally feeling the song. I didn't think it is possible for Hyesung to turn me on. Watching Shinhwa perform Mannequin live totally change the way I feel about this song. I am now completely obsessed with it.

P.S. To that one fan who screamed "OPPA!!!!!" so loud during the period of quiet anticipation for the next song, thanks! Everyone totally laughed because of you. You were brave enough to scream exactly what all of us were mentally screaming in our minds while waiting for the members to come out singing their next song. Hahaha.