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Nerissa ♥
20 July 2020 @ 10:19 pm

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You can leave a comment here if you want to be added. Though before you do, check out my profile first so at least you have an idea about me. Though I do hope you actually update your journal or it would make no sense into adding me~ For more graphics I made, you can check it out in .
Nerissa ♥
23 March 2017 @ 10:34 pm

Going to Korea with my travel buddy @parkchoongjae tomorrow. My oldest sister and younger sis are heading to South Korea as well, and I'll be meeting them there tomorrow.

I haven't planned anything this year, my older sister did most of the itinerary. She finds it fun while I find it exhausting and makes me a nervous-wreck if something goes wrong with anything I planned. 

I booked with two purpose in mind. One, travelling with my sisters (and that includes my Meg unnie) and two, hoping for a Shinhwa anniversary concert. There's none this year (I still can't believe it!) so there goes one of my purpose. Fortunately, Eric is having an autograph signing event on the 25th, so that's 1/6 of Shinhwa I'm going to see on this trip.

I've been sick last week and happy that I'm doing well now. I haven't had coffee for 2 weeks and so I'm totally looking forward to checking out cafes and eating strawberries on this trip.

Wish me and Meg unnie luck on the 25th! ♡

Nerissa ♥

New year, new resolutions to break! Ha.

I'm going to try my hardest to stick with my goals. There's not much really... just listing.

- I want to list my daily activities in a journal.
- Must be diligent listing my expenses. Gab and Meg are very good at this, they inspire me. I downloaded an app for this, hopefully (hopefully!!!) I stick to this plan. Maybe seeing how much money I spend will make me reflect at how my needs and wants.
- List all the books I read. Also, I want to read at least 30 books this year. My eyes are giving me trouble lately, I'll see if this is doable.
- cut back the procastination.
- try harder to be sociable. (It's so hard!)
- Give movies a chance. I'm more a drama person than a movie person. I should make a list of all the pending movies I said I'll watch. Any movie suggestions?

Nerissa ♥
30 December 2016 @ 05:07 pm
I didn't want my last post this year to be very negative so I'm posting again.

Despite the very very very shitty year 2016 has been around the world, I have a lot to be thankful for in my life. My family isn't particularly well off, but considering how many has lost their livelihood, their homes, their lives around the globe - I'm thankful to be in a place I am right now. There's just so many negativity around the world, so many what-the-actual-fuck things that happened that make me sad. Newt Scamander is right, humans can be such vicious creatures.

I'm entering a negative territory again.

So here I am, praying. Praying that the coming year is better for everyone around the globe. That we learn to find compassion. And that our leaders, bless them, finally use their brains and little morals they have to make changes that benefit all of us. Let's continue to love. We all need love.

Happy holidays, everyone. May gods bless us all.
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Nerissa ♥
26 July 2016 @ 07:38 pm
I just turned 30.
I’m still a fan of Shinhwa.
I’m not going to get married any time soon.
It’s a wonderful surprise how much Kyra has changed my family’s lives.
I’m honestly worried about a lot of things – some, beyond my control.
I’m still a homebody.
I’m thinking of a new hobby I can do and stick with more than 6 months.
I’m too selfish to have a family of my own.
I should seriously learn Korean.
I plan to be a lot more sociable (but it’s so hard!)
I have no intention to learn how to drive.
I’m trying not to be so short tempered.
I’m making short stories.
I’m still scared of heights.
I’m still a fan of purple, dramas and books.
I care too much.
I worry about my family all the time.
I worry about the world.
I still procrastinate.
I have successfully made my family care about kpop.
They know more idol groups than I do.
I’m not giving up on my dream of watching Clazziquai perform live.
I still pray the same prayer I’ve been praying since I was 9.
I’m more superstitious than I previously thought.
I have less tolerance for bullshit as I grow older.
I need to learn to let go.
I gave up on the dream of getting a tattoo.
I am still naïve about a lot of things.
I’ve learned to love and accept myself better.
I still love love.
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Nerissa ♥
13 July 2016 @ 06:19 pm
It’s July! My birthday month!

Now that I’m turning 30, I’m trying to look back on the moments that defined my 20s and all I could think of was my family.

I have not grown in the way most of my friends and colleagues of the same age had. What I mean is getting married, having a family, creating a different and permanent home.

I don’t mind it (can’t say the same for my parents) and enjoyed my 20s. I pray for good health on my future years. And if love comes, I’ll welcome and cherish it.
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Nerissa ♥
18 April 2016 @ 08:03 pm
I haven't posted about it here before I went to Korea and watch the concert, but my condolences were all over twitter and facebook. But LJ has been a big part of my public confession of how much I love Goguma, so I wanted to post here.

Goguma has passed away last February.

If the news was so heartbreaking to me, it must have been worse for Dongwan and his mother. Goguma had been Dongwan's best friend and constant companion for 13 years. I said this before, Dongwan's relationship to Goguma was his longest relationship ever. His broken-hearted voice when he mentioned Dongwan's passing on a radio show is not something I'll soon forget.

I remember seeing a decade back a picture of Dongwan holding a wee little brown puppy and jokingly said to my friends that for my fanfic, this little puppy would be ours. I found out it was actually Dongwan's pet dog.

We mourn for Goguma because he has been more than Dongwan's pet. He has been THE dog of Shinhwa. We mourn for his loss because he represented so much more than just being a pet. He reminded us what kind of people the members are as they took care of him.

It's so bittersweet to watch I Live Alone with all the episodes he was in. But eventually it will just be sweet, a remembrance of a dog loved and will never be forgotten.
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